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Sigue sonriendo Mexico

500% increase in monthly sales

900% reduction in cost/lead

+100k USD in revenue per month

from gold to emerald invisalign category

about the client

Sigue Sonriendo is an Invisalign flagship store located in Mexico City. The clinic specialize especifically in invisalign treatment


  • The clinic was looking for a full funnel digital marketing solution. The owner was working with another marketing agency but wasnt satisfied with the results. We onboarded this client and identified the following problems
  • The website they had didnt convey the value proposition in a correct way and the website conversion rate was very low
  • The ad campaigns were not optimized. They had ads running on instagram and google ads.
  • Ad creatives on instagram weren't of good quality as they were lacking important information on how invisalign works, they were lacking client's testimonials and treatment prices
  • On Google ads, the keywords were not segmented properly, there was no negative keyword list implemented, all keywords were used as broad matches and there was no research done on keyword planner as well
  • There was no tracking or analytics platform implemented which was making it impossible to optimize the campaign or the landing page
  • There was no CRM implemented and the conversations with the clients were managed manually through different apps such as whatsapp, instagram, messenger etc
  • No optimization was done on testing the messages sent to the clients and there was no testing system implemented
  • There was no Googly my business profile implemented and no system was in place to capture reviews
  • No upsell or cross sell offers were established to increase the average order value
  • The show rate at the clinic was really low. The patients would schedule the appointment but wouldn't arrive at the clinic on the said date.

  • solution

    Our team took over this challenge in three phases

    Replacing the existing website and Implementing and configuring data capturing methodologies
    Implementing our proprietry CRM to track post website conversion rate
    Rewamping the existing campaign, graphic implementation and relaunching the ads


    Website Optimization

    As there was no historical data available, we launched an A/B test of two versions of the website with different information. First version of the website outlining the benefits of the treatment, the before and after results, the pricing and client testimonials with a whatsapp call to action button. A second version with a video of the doctor explaining the treatment, an online form and booking system to schedule an appointment at the clinic. We implemented Google analytics to capture the bounce rate, engagement rate and conversion rate of the website We implemented Google tag manager to track all the conversion actions on the website

    Google Ads

    We analyzed the data in Google ads platform to check which keywords and audiences brought the most results in the past We changed the campaign structure and launched one search ads campaign and another performance max campaign where we showed before and after results of the treatment in a graphics and video format. We uploaded our custom audiences to target high income individuals in Mexico who were approved to buy the treatment on a credit basis.

    Meta Ads

    We launched conversion campaigns on Instagram only where we used our brandformance methodology to find which content resonated the most with customers in the past and made ads out of those graphics and videos We did A/B testing on different ad formats to find the winning ads We tracked each graphic through UTMs in our CRM and in Google analytics to check which graphic and audience brought the sale and scaled investment accordingly

    Linkedin Ads

    Using the same methodology of Meta Ads we implemented linkedin lead gen forms campaigns and tested graphics there to find if Linkedin leads were of higher quality as compared to Meta

    CRM Implementation

    We implemented our proprietry CRM and trained the clinic staff. This helped them to centralize and manage their communications (Email, Whatsapp, SMS, Phone calls, Messenger, Instagram DMs ) through one place. We implemented a booking system that sent automatic reminders to the patients through Whatsapp and SMS before their appointment We implemented automated workflows in the CRM that allowed the clinic to automatically filter irrelevant leads and focus on the highly relevant ones only We implemented a review capturing system where the CRM sent automatic emails and Whatsapp to the patients who visited the clinic. Lastly we connected the CRM with Linkedin, Google and Meta ads to sync the audiences that in turn helped us to optimize our campaigns and refined our negative audience lists

    Conversion rate optimization

    In this step we did bi-weekly calls with the clinic to show them insights on the A/B test results. We gave them insights on which messaging text worked the best once a patient wrote to the clinic, which offer had the best conversion rate and which email template helped to recover lost patients.


    We were able to increase sales by 500% and were able to achieve monthly consistent revenues of over 100k USD within 2 months of the launc5